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What our customers are saying...

We love hearing from our customers and how they’re enjoying their Windrush Headbands. If you want to add your comments please email them to

Many outdoor enthusiasts have love-hate affairs with headbands; ears warm, can’t hear the sound of the outdoors; forehead warm, start working and it soon becomes a swamp of perspiration dripping sweat into the eyes; and especially for helmet wearing cyclists with big-heads, there is no way to get the helmet & headband on without gouging a groove under the chin.
Did the Windrush prevent the rush of wind? Yes; with a heavy frost on the ground my ears remained warm, without being overheated. Sweat? The eVent breathable fabric, along with the thinner material over the forehead, meant no sudden blinding drops of sweat jeopardised safe progress or caused annoyance. Sounds? There was no muffling effect, whilst wind noise was reduced significantly. This is due to the construction of the ear coverings. Better still, traffic sound was clear - a real aid to safety - and the dawn chorus came through too. The fit was perfect; as a helmet wearer with a big head, a tight fit, but perfect. So comfortable was I that I had plenty of time to ponder drawbacks, but gave up because I could find none. I can heartily recommend this winter warmer.

- Cycling World Magazine, UK. March 2009

Thanks for sending out the new headband, fits a treat, wore it for the first time on a late run this week when it was about freezing temperature, and I must say this is probably the best £25 I’ve ever spent. The headband kept my ears really cosy and my i-pod earphones in place, it was great, just what I’ve been after for years,

Thanks Duncan

- Duncan , February 2009, Warwickshire, UK

Just back from a freezing Val d’Isere. A hat does not stop your earlobes from turning to ice but your headband does. Thanks!

- David , February 2009, Sussex, UK.

As one who has spent many hours straining to hear instructions from the opposite end of racing boat, only to often have the critical words carried away by the wind, I was keen to try this product & jumped at the opportunity to give on a “test drive”. It was a blustery day with about 17-25 kts of wind as we sailed from Portsmouth to The Hamble for the boats winter lay-up.
How did it fare? Well I have to say I was impressed with the performance of the Windrush. It was comfortable, it kept my ears perfectly warm & I could easily hold a conversation from one rail of the (large) boat to the other.

- Editor - Beneteau UK Owners Association

It’s a familiar scenario: the wind’s roaring in your ears as the bowman’s mouthed instructions turn first to gesticulations and finally to veiled threats, whisked away by the gale.
We tried the Windrush headband on our cross-Channel trip and can vouch for its effectiveness. It turned everything eerily quiet - with crews’ voices crystal clear - and it kept my ears warm too.

- Yatching Monthly Magazine, December 2008, UK.

Thank you for the delivery of my second order of your headbands. The first band was bought for a very good friend of mine, who goes walking with me, for her birthday. The second one was bought for my wife who tried the first one on to see what they were like and immediately fell in love with it. Guess what another very good friend of ours female again has expressed a wish to have one for her birthday
The lovely thing about these headbands is that they do exactly what they say they will, reduce noise, keep your ears warm, look really good and are so comfortable to wear.  A really great, useful and stylish product.

- Dave , January 2009, East Anglia, UK

Hi Windrush,

The headband has done its job very well on the mountains.

I’ve been scrambling (the best definition of what we do on the Apennines) for the whole day on a 1700 m mountain (M. Catria) meeting different conditions from sunny to stormy (at -4 degree C) always windy (around 60 km/h winds). I felt the wind wasn’t howling in my ears, so I appreciated the view and the action, and my balance was improved too on the most exposed passages.

Last but not least I never overheated/froze.

- Antonio , March 2008, Italy

Dear sirs,

Well, I have given my new Windrush headband a good workout over the past couple of weeks since I bought it, and I can honestly say that I am thrilled.

I used to get sore ears while out on the bike, particularly when enduring the cold Cotswold winter wind. Last Sunday, I did 30 miles wearing my new headband and felt no soreness at all. Not only that: my head was kept warmer and the noise was dramatically reduced, making it far safer and more enjoyable to keep pedalling.

Well done for designing such a great product, and so well made.

Yours faithfully, and with nice warm ears

- Rupert , March 2008, Cotswolds, UK