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Windrush Launched at ISPO Munich & SLIDE Manchester | Windrush News | Windrush Gear

Windrush Launched at ISPO Munich & SLIDE Manchester

Windrush sports face


Introducing the new Windrush headband - the first headband designed to counter wind noise so that your ears can tune directly into their environment. Designed by Paul Goodwin from Windrush Gear Limited, the Windrush headband is the latest in performance driven headgear.

With an advanced material structure it can reduce wind noise by 20-25 decibels (db). For example a 20 mile per hour wind creates approximately 95db of noise in ones ear, which will drop to as little as 70-75db when wearing the Windrush headband. ‘As an experienced cyclist I often found myself caught completely off guard by passing cars – frequently travelling at high speeds and at close proximity’ says Windrush Product Designer Paul Goodwin. ‘I wanted to design a headband that reduced the noise of the wind gushing past my ears in whatever activity I was doing - be it running, cycling, skiing etc - so that I could hear everything going on around me, focusing100% on my performance’.

Established in the UK in January 2006, Windrush Gear Limited spent months developing and testing the product. To solve the wind noise problem it positions the revolutionary Air Still™ material over the ears, which counters the wind noise as the wind hits the headband. At the same time its interconnected cells allow the passage of other sounds through to the ears. These factors combined create a headband that can cut out the sound of the wind with no muffling of other sounds or distortion of your own voice.

The remainder of the headband is created using eVent waterproof fabrics - probably the most breathable waterproof fabric available today.  This 3-ply fabric is made up of a soft micro fleece lining (which helps to keep temples, ears and neck warm), a middle eVent breathable membrane and a smooth hard wearing exterior fabric.

Available in two colours - Fiery Red and Moon Rock - the Windrush headband offers total protection against the elements and is the ideal solution for all outdoor activities.  From skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, climbing, running, horse riding to even bird watching - it’s the perfect headband for all winter and summer sports. Making training and competing much more enjoyable without the wind.

To see this revolutionary new headband in action and to find out more about Windrush Gear Limited visit this year’s ISPO Exhibition in Munich (end of January) where the product will be on display at the eVent fabrics stand. Also catch it at SLIDE 2008 in Manchester in February.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Be the first to discover performance driven headgear. Cut out wind noise. Max your performance this winter.


For more information please contact Windrush Gear Limited. 
Tel: 00 44 (0)1223 873138