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About Windrush Gear

mountain biking mud Windrush headband

A little bit about Windrush Gear Limited. We’re an innovative company that was set up in the UK by Product Designer Paul Goodwin. Started out of his garage in January 2006, we now sell the revolutionary new Windrush headband within the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond.

It’s a serious business designing a new product. And we believe you have to be seriously passionate about it too. That’s why Paul – as an experienced cyclist, who got his idea when out training (often finding himself completely caught off guard by passing cars travelling at high speeds and at close proximity), spent months perfecting his idea. The result: he finally created the world’s first headband to cut out wind noise, while at the same time allowing the sounds of the environment in.

If at first you don’t succeed. Keep believing in a great idea. Designing the Windrush headband was not the easiest of tasks. Luckily it was Paul’s previous experience – in state-of-the-art industrial design development, testing and manufacturing - that gave him the tools and confidence needed to keep pushing his ideas even further.  It took six months of experimenting with all sorts of crazy shapes and materials, at the same time finding the best and most accurate ways to test them. This included a multi-million pound commercial wind tunnel used by Formula 1 cars; setting up a very powerful factory fan rigged up in the garage and garden; creating a dummy head using sound measuring equipment to measure the results of each prototype; and then a further 15 months to turn the research into a workable, wearable product and find great suppliers capable of helping deliver the best quality product.

All this hard work paid off in the end and today we’re proud to be the first company to sell a revolutionary new headband – one that cuts out wind noise so that your ears can tune directly into their environment.  So listen out for future innovative Windrush Gear Limited products – we have plenty more passion in the pipeline. 

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