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The concept

  Designed using innovative Air Still™ material, Windrush® performance driven headgear counters wind noise as wind hits the headband.
  Creating a headband that is quiet, with no muffling of sound or distortion of your voice.
  The Graph shows the noise level at different windspeeds without wearing anything over the ears and wearing a Windrush Headband. The difference is huge.

Dramatically Reduced Wind Noise - See the graph below

Reduced wind noise by 20 to 25 dB decibels

  Unique Air Still™ material around the ears counters wind noise yet allows all other sounds through to your ears.

  Interconnected cells allow the passage of other sounds through to the ear.

  Wear with Ipod style earphones, hear your music not the wind and because there is less wind noise to overcome you can choose to turn the volume down saving your ears and letting you hear what else is going on around you.

  Quality Construction: Fabric edges are laser cut to weld them and stop fraying. Flatlock stitching is used to give strong flat comfortable seams.

Warm, Comfortable & Hear Friends & the World Around You

  Breathable self “venting” fabric from eVent fabric for warmth without sweat dampness. eVent triple ply membrane fabric is water and windproof.

  Warm micro fleece inner lining keeps ears, forehead and neck warm and very comfortable.

  Comfortable clearance over the eyes, yet good coverage of your temples and forehead for warmth.

  Soft stretch edging keeps the headband comfortably and reliably in place on your head.

  Wet weather drain hole prevents any collection of water in the Air Still™ material.

Waterproof and breathable

event fabric let the sweat out wind and water proof fabric

  eVent® fabrics get their unique properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane. Its unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one easy step. We call this Direct Venting™ Technology. Its genius is hidden in its simplicity. eVent fabrics simply let the sweat out.™

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