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Skiing and snowboarding | Activities | Windrush Gear

Skiing and snowboarding

Hear the world around you

Hear your skiing or snow boarding buddies above the head wind you create as you cut down the slopes.

Enjoy the sound of your edges cutting the snow as you carve down the mountain.

Avoid collisions hear other slope users approaching out of vision.

Scrunch your Windrush headband up for easy stowability in a pocket when you’re back in the warmth. 

Reduce wind noise with no muffling of other sounds

Hear conversation over wind noise. Hear talking, sounds of the world around you. No wind noise.

Hear the sounds of the slopes around you without wind noise overpowering your hearing.

Windrush headbands don’t make you feel like all you can hear is your own voice and breathing as you ski or board down the mountain.

Wearing Windrush headbands is just like not wearing anything over your ears at all..... as far as hearing goes.

And you won’t get that feeling of entering the real world of sound again when you take them off, as they don’t muffle you away from the ambient sounds around you to start with.

Warmth, comfort, breathable

Headband great in cold temperatures. Keeps ears and head warm.

In addition to the Air Still™ material over the ears Windrush headbands are made up of highest quality eVent breathable fabric.

The micro fleece lining is extremely comfortable against the skin and a durable stretch woven exterior gives long life to the headband.

The eVent waterproof membrane bonded between the lining and exterior fabric stops wind and wet penetration, but lets sweat out, keeping your ears, forehead and neck lovely and warm.

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