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Sailing and boating

Reduces wind noise

yachting monthly review windrush headband eerily quiet, hear sounds wind noise sailing

The wind noise on a boat that is heading anywhere but down wind can be pretty noisy, add to this the noise created around your own ears by the wind and it becomes difficult to hear instructions or information being passed to you.

Windrush headbands will take out the wind noise created around your ears which is great as it is this wind noise that blocks out the sounds you really do want to hear.

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Hear the crew & vice versa

wearing windrush headband, warm comfortable windproof breathable fabric hear sounds reduce wind noise no muffling

If you are in the bow of the boat or on the winches, wearing a Windrush headband will enable you to hear more clearly calls coming from the rest of the crew and vice versa, if the rest of the crew are equipped with the Windrush headband they will find it easier to hear feedback you are giving them.

Waterproof, windproof, WARM

Windrush headbands are made with the latest direct venting technology fabric from eVent Fabric, which means the headbands are wind and waterproof but let sweat vent out keeping you dry underneath it.

The inner surface of the headband is a soft warm micro fleece that keeps your ears, temples and neck really warm in even the coldest weather.

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