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Increase the pleasure of running without wind noise in your ears

From marathons and mountain endurance running to a 20 minute blast Windrush headbands will double the pleasure you get from being out there.

The great thing about wearing the Windrush headband is that you still hear the world around you normally, unlike other headbands or hats that block some of the sound you would normally hear. So wearing the Windrush headband doesn’t give you the hearing sensation of being trapped away inside your head listening to your own breathing.

The special Air Still™ material covering the ears cuts out wind noise but lets in all the other sounds in the environment around you helping you enjoy your run to the full.

Keep ears & head warm, but don't overheat

When you’re out running it’s extremities like your ears that feel the cold.

The Windrush head band will keep your ears perfectly warm and stop painful ears and earaches brought on by cold and the wind.

At the same time the eVent fabric lets your perspiration out stopping you over heating. 

Fits well with iPods

If you enjoy music when you run then the Windrush headband will greatly improve your listening.

With your normal earphones in place under the Windrush headband you will find that with no wind noise around your ears you hear your music more clearly.

You may find you’re able to turn down the volume now the music is more audible saving damage to your hearing.

Plus you will be more likely to hear ambient noises around you keeping you safer. 

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