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Horse riding

Hear sounds before your horse is spooked

Horses are great at hearing sounds, but they are not so good at telling where the sound is coming from.

It’s this poor ablility to locate sounds that drives a horse to “spook” as it prepares for looming danger on hearing a sound that it hasn’t yet placed.

No muffling of sounds & less wind noise

As a rider wearing Windrush headbands there is no muffling of sounds by the material over your ears and you will have less wind noise masking other sounds.

This will help you hear and place sounds earlier that may alarm your horse. You will then have more time to prepare yourself and your horse for passing the noise or for a vehicle to pass you. 

Warm comfortable riding gear

Riding out in all seasons means you need the right gear to keep you warm and dry.

Windrush headbands will fit comfortably with most riding helmets and will keep you cosily warm without feeling muffled away from the sounds of the world around you. 

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