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Safety - hear sounds of approaching vehicles

Headband fits under cycle helmet headband with bike bicycle helmet hat

Out cycling you have wind noise around your ears. We are so used to this noise we stop thinking about it, but once you become aware of it you realise just how overpowering of our hearing sense it is. We all but loose the use of our ears to this noise meaning we miss many audible clues as to what is going on around us.

Wearing the Windrush headband lets you proactively listen out to your surroundings and take active measures to avoid accidents as well as being able to just enjoy a quieter ride.

Windrush headbands fit well with cycling helmets.

Hear conversations

Improve hearing in wind with headband reduce wind noise no muffling of sound

Conversation on a bike with other riders isn’t easy as you have to shout to be heard over wind noise or ride shoulder to shoulder. With Windrush headbands suddenly you can hear each other talk, making your cycling more sociable and your training more interactive.

If you carry a child on the back of your bike you’ll be aware it’s hard to hear them chattering away, but wearing a Windrush headband will mean you’ll be able to keep up with the flow of conversation. 

Improve cycling performance

Improve cycling perfomance reduce wind noise headband cycling headband

Psychologically Windrush headbands have an amazing effect.

Without a Windrush headband your facial expression and body posture will be set against the wind as you cycle along. However, put the Windrush headband on and you will notice your face and body relax meaning more of your effort goes into your cycling rather than fighting the wind.

It just goes to show the power our hearing sense has over us and when we take stressful noises away it has a great effect on our whole body. 

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