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Maximise your hearing - reduce wind noise

The beauty and peace of the mountain can be made to feel harsh and inhospitable by the wind.

Use Windrush headbands to reduce the wind noise around your ears and maximise your enjoyment of the time you spend on the mountain. 

Warm, comfortable, windproof

Ice Climbing. Keep ears Warm, reduce wind noise.

Windrush headbands cover the key areas of your head that suffer from cold exposure. The front of your head above the eyes, your ears and back of your neck.

The micro fleece lining to the headband feels extremely comfortable against the skin and is wonderfully warm.

But when the exertion starts the eVent breathable fabric will vent sweat quickly to the outside, keeping you dry on the inside.

Waterproof & breathable

The fabric used to make the body of the headband is sourced from eVent fabric who are able to offer the high quality breathable fabric, comfort and quality we require.

eVent fabrics: Direct Venting™ Technology
eVent fabrics get their unique properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane. Its unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one easy step. We call this Direct Venting™ Technology. Its genius is hidden in its simplicity. eVent fabrics simply let the sweat out.™

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