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Bird watching

Reduce wind noise

It’s fantastic watching birds and hearing them too can really enhance the experience.

Watching a bird take advantage of the wind for its flight is enthralling, but that same wind in your own ears will create a noise that can make it next to impossible to hear a bird’s calls.

Hear bird calls

Imagine looking for birds on a windy cliff top or exposed grassland, if you are looking into the wind then your ears will be receiving the maximum wind noise.

Without the Windrush headband to reduce this wind noise for you, then to hear better the calls of birds you are trying to locate on the cliff you have to turn one ear to be facing straight into the wind.

That’s where the problem is, now you’re looking away from the birds and are not able to focus on where the sounds of the bird calls are coming from.

Warm & comfortable

Wear the Windrush headband and as well as being warm and comfortable your ears are protected from wind noise leaving you able to stay focusing on the point you want to and still have full hearing to help you pin down where the birds are calling from.

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