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Great stocking filler for Christmas | Windrush Gear

Performance Driven Headgear

Windrush ® headbands counter wind noise so your ears tune directly into their environment. Perfect for all outdoor activities!

Great stocking filler for Christmas

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  • Reduce wind noise by 75%!
  • Hear everything except the wind
  • No muffling of voices or other sounds
  • Breathable, waterproof and windproof
  • Warm and comfy micro fleece lining
  • iPod friendly, hear your music, not the wind!
Great for many outdoor sports from Running to Golf

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what our customers are saying...

As one who has spent many hours straining to hear instructions from the opposite end of racing boat, only to often have the critical words carried away by the wind, I was keen to try this product & jumped at the opportunity to give on a “test drive”. It was a blustery day with about 17-25 kts of wind as we sailed from Portsmouth to The Hamble for the boats winter lay-up.
How did it fare? Well I have to say I was impressed with the performance of the Windrush. It was comfortable, it kept my ears perfectly warm & I could easily hold a conversation from one rail of the (large) boat to the other.

- Editor - Beneteau UK Owners Association

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